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Video to actionable data

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3 simple steps

Create a project

Every project consist of an agent and some video pipelines. The agent processes all the project pipelines simultaneously.

Connect video sources

We automatically extract structured data and events from each video source via filters.
Your agent receives the data extracted by the filters.
You can connect any input source, including IP cameras, online streaming platforms, and more.

Update your agent for your needs

An agent is just a processing loop. With two lines of code your agent starts to receive data from the pipelines.
Call webhooks, send messages, store the information into a database, ... basically whatever you can code!

The agent logic is always in sync with your code repository so a deployment is just a push to your repo

Create a vision AI agent with two lines of code

Quick Demo

This demo shows how to create a simple agent that exports data to MongoDB, but you can do whatever you want!


An endless range of new possibilities

Check whether the operators are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)


Check the operators wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Detecting people in office door


Receive Slack notifications when someone enters or exits your office

Opening garage door when your car is detected


Automatically open your garage door when your car arrives

Counting people on crosswalk to close semaphore when required


Close the semaphore when there is people waiting

Get notified when a bird puts an egg


Receive an email when that wild bird puts an egg

Privacy Assurance

No recordings

Video frames are analyzed as they arrive and discarded instantly.

Custom regions

Process your video feeds within custom regions. For example, be compliant with GDPR within the EU.

E2E encryption

Your video feeds are connected using end-to-end encryption ensuring no one can intercept them

On Premise

Are you dealing with sensitive data or operating in highly sensitive environments? We can deploy Pipeless Agents in your infrastructure.


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